Mr. Ahsan he is very intelligent Estimator in civil engineering Department


Responsibilities & Duties:
❖ Responsible for Pre- fab Steel Structure Proposal Drawing.
❖ Responsible for Pre- fab Steel Detailing.
❖ Responsible for RCC and Steel Structure Supervision.
❖ Responsible for Reporting in Field Works.
❖ Responsible for Project Management.
❖ Materials Purchase.


Also Experienced:
❖ Experience in Commercial, Factory & Residential Building.
❖ Experience on Free Hand Sketch.
❖ Installing software or hardware on computer.
❖ Configuring computer networks.
❖ Providing technical support on-site or via phone or email.


❖ Hard working, quick learner, ability to take challenge.
❖ Strong motivation & commitment for work.
❖ Ability to work under pressure.
❖ Never say die attitude while solving a problem.
❖ Can work alone and team environment.
❖ Strong desire too achieves results.